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Interpretation or interpreting is oral translation of speech from a language into another

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Liaison Interpreting for B2B Meetings
  • Conference Interpreter
  • Foreign Delegations
  • Commercial Negotiations 
  • Linguistic Assistance
  • Whispered
  • On site

English to Spanish 

Spanish to English 


The process of translating words or text from one language into another

  • Simple Translation 
  • Certified Translation
  • Proofreading: The process of reading and correcting mistakes in a written or printed piece of writing.
  • Transcription: The process of making a written, printed, or typed copy of words that have been spoken or recorded in to an audio file.

Spanish Translator

Translate English to Spanish

Carol Maldonado Valencia

Member of the Peruvian Association of Professional Translators (ATPP)

Certified English - Spanish 

Translator and Interpreter 

  • Business: B2B, Economic Development, Finances, Audits, Accountancy, Commercial & Banking
  • Legal: Family, Civil & Criminal Matters.
  • US Immigration (USCIS Forms, DHS) 
  • Technical: Mining, Nuclear Energy, Defense, Oil & Gas
  • Engineering: Manuals, Data Sheets, Technical Documents & Proposals 
  • Pharma: Linguistic Studies for Medical Trials, Recruitment, Interviewing, Data Analysis, Recording and Transcribing
  • Certificates: College Transcripts, Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Statements, Affidavits, Certificate of Incorporation, Contracts

Providing Services Since 2005 


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